Systems of Industrial Ventilation from Aluco System

Mechanical ventilation combined with natural ventilation is one of the most effective and economical forms of aeration and ventilation currently available on the market.

The mechanical ventilation system can take the form of decentralised units or as central aerators for building ventilation and heating. In both cases, the type of air flow can be decisive for optimal performance. An important factor is the level of air exchange in working areas. It is important for the incoming air to reach employees as fresh and clean. In this way, it should get into the work area at the lowest possible level.

The main advantage of the system is a controlled air exchange with a relatively small volume guaranteeing maximum ventilation in the working area. With a ventilation area of ??2 m? and an exhaust velocity of 2 m / s, an outlet air flow rate of approximately 14,000-15,000 m? / h can be achieved. This corresponds to the efficiency of an extraction fan with a capacity of approx. 2 kW. The energy saving potential is huge. Even in very hot factories, it is possible to ventilate using natural air supply units.

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