Aluco System - Presentation

Aluco System has been present on the market since 1997. Currently, our products and service can be seen through out the country and Europe. New solutions, new technologies and materials allow the realization of the most daring architectural concepts.

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New Lumira Aerogel catalogue available

Polycarbonate multi-suited panels filled with Lumira® can be find useful for many applications. They are used in ventilation systems, smoke and heat and facade systems. A unique combination of features provides significant weight savings without the need to apply large amounts of thermal and acoustic insulation. These are just a few of the undeniable advantages of aerogel.

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Louvre windows - Look and effectiveness

Our window shutters ideally blend with the modern architecture of the aluminum-glass facades. Designed to co-create the ideal structure of the building. Many options, excellent quality.

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Polycarbonate+ Aerogel

Aluco launches polycarbonate panels filled with Aerogel:
- For skylights K <1.0 W/m2 x K
- For facades K <0.5 W/m2 x K

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