Each client is unique Aluco System, all solutions used by us are tailored to individual needs of the client. In an "Innovation" tab you can refer to the unusual and innovative solutions, which were introduced during implementation of individual projects.

A unique system of sliding platforms for mounting skylights

During installation of rooflights we have encountered problems with mounting elements at heights and the term of the project. To solve this problem, we developed a unique system of sliding platforms, enabling fast and efficient installation of skylights and moving platforms to implement next stages of projects. An additional difficulty in implementing the project were difficult weather conditions that is why the platform system has been equipped with safety nets for employees. The design and technical documentation has been prepared in accordance with applicable safety regulations.

Daylight - free energy

Aluco System is the only company in Poland introduces Lumira® Aerogel to Polish market. This is a form of amorphous silica having a pore nano-sized structure. About 95% of its volume is filled with the air which makes Lumira® Aerogel one of the lightest insulation materials in the world.

Aluco launches polycarbonate panels filled with Aerogel:
- For skylights K <1.0 W/m2 x K
- For facades K <0.5 W/m2 x K

Based on these properties Lumira® Aerogel offers the following advantages:

  • Significant improvement of thermal insulation between 54% and 62%    
  • Raising sound insulation from 18 to 23 dB (60%)    
  • Superbly reduces heat conduction
  • Allows to meet the latest legal regulations in the field of building insulation    
  • Improved light transmission and thermal insulation leads to reduced energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs    
  • Light scattering can reduce the use of artificial lighting, thus reducing the cost of electricity    
  • Reducing investment in air-conditioning and heating    
  • Lower CO2 emissions    
  • Better environmental conditions    
  • New design possibilities for southern and southwestern facades, as well as for roofs and atriums. No need for additional sun protection    
  • Improved design creates more opportunities for natural lighting systems and improves the quality of everyday life    
  • Do not burn or release smoke in case of fire    
  • UV stability   
  • Not poisonous    
  • Excellent light scattering, free from shading and warm lighting    
  • Lack of almost any condensation and mold growth inside the sheet material.

Feel free to download our catalogue: Lumira® Aerogel

Orders and price enquiries: by telephone: +48 41 3464743.

Daylight - automation

Aluco system in cooperation with RODA Germany introduces a new line of smoke vents - PHOENIX ALUCO with excellent resistance to load (snow, wind) and excellent heat transfer coefficient: K <1.0 W/m2 x K for the whole lid and the base.