Some products may have similar individual properties, but Lumira Aerogel stands out in all of the following categories:

  • Unmatched thermal insulation: 0.018 W / mK. This provides a more natural lighting with daylight through windows and / or roof facade minimizing heat loss.
  • Good light transmittance up to 80% per cm. Natural daylight creates a more efficient and better interiors bringing positive physiological and psychological effects.
  • Excellent light diffusion: translucency and uniformity inside the building. This allows you to reduce or eliminate glare effects and increase comfort. Interior obfuscation systems may not be necessary, which means lower initial investment, no need for equipment maintenance, and no changes in the architectural design.
  • Reducing of heat conduction of heat. Depending on the type of sheet the total level of radiation reduction can reach 30% or more.
  • Improved sound insulation: 100 m / s to 340 m / sec in the air. 50% reduction at 100Hz.
  • UV resistance and water repellency: do not develop a fungus or mold, and these properties do not change over time.
  • Considered to be non-combustible material (ASTM D1929) and not emitting smoke (ASTM E662).
  • Low weight: 70-100 kg / m3. Due to the low weight of the material Lumira Aerogel can use the same static strength calculation of wind pressure.
  • Architectural freedom: translucent glazing with Lumira Aerogel combines daylight with thermal properties. Architects can now meet or overtake even the most rigorous standards of construction law (the UK: Part L; France: RT2005; Spain: CTE, etc.) In the field of thermal and acoustic insulation and light transmission.
  • Environmental benefits: saving money and energy, less need for heating and / or air conditioning, reducing artificial lighting, reducing CO2 emissions and energy bills.