Skylights and smoke dampers

Arched skylights bands can be applied to the lighting of large industrial facilities such as: factories, shops, gyms and workshops.

A smoke damper is a device for removing hot gases and fumes in a fire in confined spaces. In certain cases it can be used for ventilation. A valve can be mounted on the upper surface of the roof or in bands of light which have zenith lights.

Aluco system can provide flaps in the form of dome flaps filled with acrylic, polycarbonate, or for incorporation in the arched bands. Flaps can be configured in smoke zones in a pneumatic or electric way and included in fire alarm systems. Series include the dimensions from 100 x 100 cm to 300 x 300 cm.

  • release of the escape routes from harmful effects of smoke and fire gases;
  • improve of visibility during fire fighting;
  • discharge of hot gases to protect construction sites from heat.

Application: production halls, warehouses, sports, shopping, staircases and more.

Mechanisms and control: pneumatic actuators, gas springs, electrical actuators. Dampers can be released automatically or manually.

Download a brochure: Sklylights and smoke dampers