Polycarbonate facades

Polycarbonate Facades

Aluco Panel

Polycarbonate facades are an innovative architectural solution that offers numerous advantages over conventional materials. Our company specializes in producing high-quality polycarbonate facades that are resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, and chemical factors.

ALUCO PANEL polycarbonate facades are exceptionally durable, impact-resistant, and easy to work with and install. Due to these properties, polycarbonate is increasingly being used in the construction industry as a material for exterior and interior space dividers, including facades, roofs, screens, and rainscreen cladding.

Translucent polycarbonate panels are commonly employed as exterior facades for warehouses, production facilities, or public utility buildings. They serve as an excellent choice for such applications since the material does not impose any limitations on its length. The only restriction is the maximum transport length of the component.

fasada poliwęglanowa jako elewacja hali przemysłowej

Our offering includes various types of polycarbonate, including single- and multi-layer panels, as well as cellular panels. Each of them possesses distinct properties and applications, which is why we provide advice to our customers on selecting the most suitable material to meet their specific needs.

As a company, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality of the products we offer. Therefore, we exclusively utilize proven technologies and materials. Our customers can rest assured that the polycarbonate facades we sell will meet their expectations in terms of strength, aesthetics, and functionality.

fasady poliwęglanowe do hal produkcyjnych

ALUCO PANEL polycarbonate facades are available in several different thickness versions: 40, 50, and 60 mm, offered in transparent, translucent, and brown (smoked) colors.

For larger quantities, custom orders can be placed in any color. Panels with a thickness of 50 and 60 mm come with a dedicated system of aluminum profiles featuring an integrated thermal break to minimize heat losses – known as warm profiles.

All panels are coated with a UV filter on the outside.

For roof planes, the minimum required pitch is 15% relative to the horizontal.

panele poliweglanowe do elewacji

Advantages of polycarbonate panels

Easy Installation

Polycarbonate panels are quick and easy to install

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance and user comfort

Thermal Insulation

No thermal bridges at panel joints

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows can be installed without additional support structures

Types of ALUCO PANEL facades

Polycarbonate facades

Aluco System offers the following types of Aluco Panel polycarbonate facades:

  • AP40 (“cold” system), U = 1.10–1.20 W/m2xK
  • AP50 THERM (“warm” system), U = 0.80–0.89 W/m2xK
  • AP60 THERM (“warm” system), U = 0.70–0.77 W/m2xK

Lumira Aerogel

All polycarbonate panels can be filled with aerogel, which further improves thermal performance and produces excellent light dispersion.

Polycarbonate ALUCO PANEL facade with ventilation windows.

Sample Application

Aluco panel polycarbonate facade

Here is an example of using ALUCO PANEL polycarbonate panels to construct a facade for a large industrial building.

The photos depict the combined heat and power plant building in Kielce before and after the installation of the ALUCO PANEL facade.

przykład fasady poliwęglanowej budynkuprzykład fasady poliwęglanowej budynku

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