TELEGRAF CITY shopping centre in Kielce

The newly emerging TELEGRAF CITY shopping centre we are working on has been provided with aluminum and glass facades. The building begins to take an interesting look.

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Residential Buildings - Kielce, Leszczyńska street

6 residential buildings in Leszczyńska street in Kielce will be equipped with a new aluminum joinery and new fire doors provided by Aluco System.

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Thermal modernization of an office building in Kielce

Work is underway on thermal modernization of an office building in Zagnańska street in Kielce. The task of Aluco System is the supply of aluminum joinery into the building.

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Waster Treatment Plant w Szczecin

Aluco System is a company located in central Poland but its scope of action covers all regions of Poland. We are in Szczecin where we work on the facade on buildings a Waste Treatment Plant in Szczecin.

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Ceramika Tubądzin production plant

We are in the course of implementation of a large order for the assembly of 3500m2 of skylights and 200 smoke dampers on the new production plant of ceramic tiles - Ceramika Tubądzin.

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We completed the installation of windows, doors and facades of ALUPROF aluminum - glass system on the new POLONEZ PLUS office building in Kielce.

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Thermo rebuilding of an office building in Kielce

Aluco System conducts thermo rebuilding of an office building in Robotnicza street in Kielce, on-site we assemble ALUPROF joinery system.

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Steel Construction Plant Steel Bukowno

Aluco System team has finished the assembly of shed light on the object "Steel Construction Plant Steel Bukowno. The works have been done in the ALUPROF system of aluminum joinery.

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