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Amendments of the provisions of regulations of technical conditions for buildings and their location, forced a change in design, material solutions aimed at, among others, provide better thermal insulation of buildings. These changes will significantly contribute to increasing user comfort, reduce operating costs and pollution from the production of thermal energy. On this occasion we designed a modern system of skylights ALUCO SKYLIGHT THERM.


We find it hard to imagine modern architecture without the use of daylight. As it is clear from the research, light has a positive effect on health and increases productivity. On the basis of Aluco Fire Rated skylight system Aluco System introduces classless skylights Aluco Glass SL (linear) and Aluco Glass SP (point) (the angle of inclination to the level of 3 ° to 45 °). Dimensionally skylights do not change, but have very good technical parameters.

Skylights and smoke dampers

Arched skylights bands can be applied to the lighting of large industrial facilities such as: factories, shops, gyms and workshops.

Download a brochure: Sklylights and smoke dampers

Polycarbonate facades

The panels of polycarbonate meet the highest standards and offer different possibilities. Exposure methods of halls embody various requirements of architects.

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Systemy oddymiania i odprowadzania ciepła

Smoke and heat exhaust systems are high quality and guarantee operation even after many years of daily work. The products have been tested in relation to wind load, or load capacity of the snow.

Aluminium joinery

We produce aluminum-glass joinery of YAWAL, ALUPROF, REYNAERS, SCHUECO and other systems.


Lumira Aerogel stands out with unsurpassed thermal insulation, good light transmission, UV resistance and low weight.