Natural Smoke Removal Systems

Aluco Ventra smoke louvres are utilized for smoke removal and air make-up in industrial facilities. They can be installed in walls and sawtooth skylights.

Smoke removal louvres are components of smoke removal systems that are used to eliminate smoke and hot air from buildings in the event of a fire or another hazard.

Such smoke vents consist of movable louvres placed within a special frame. The louvres are usually made of steel sheets or aluminum and are set at an angle to enable the expulsion of smoke and hot air to the outside. During hazardous situations, the louvres automatically open in response to factors such as temperature, airflow, or other triggers detected by the control system.

Smoke removal louvres ensure efficient elimination of smoke and hot air, which is crucial for the safety and comfort of individuals within the industrial building. They can also be utilized for air make-up within the facility.

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Louvre Smoke Vents

Aluco Ventra is an innovative system of louvre smoke vents that facilitates effective ventilation and fire protection in various types of industrial and public utility facilities.

Aluco Ventra louvre vents have been meticulously designed to ensure optimal fire protection while providing comfortable ventilation for the premises. The system comprises high-quality aluminum louvre vents equipped with an innovative automatic control system, allowing for precise regulation of the air flow.

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Aluco Ventra vents have been meticulously designed to provide exceptional fire resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance to various weather conditions. Their unique design allows for effective control of the air flow rate while ensuring optimal ventilation conditions.

These vents are commonly employed in production halls, warehouses, logistics centers, and other industrial facilities that necessitate reliable fire protection and ventilation. Thanks to its high quality and innovative design, the Aluco Ventra system is recognized as one of the most advanced solutions in the market.


Smoke Removal and Aeration

The Aluco Ventra louvre smoke vent has been ingeniously designed to fulfill two critical functions simultaneously – efficient smoke removal and consistent make-up air supply. With its distinctive design, our louvre smoke vents swiftly remove smoke from the premises during a fire while providing a steady and controlled flow of air to maintain optimal ventilation conditions.

Aluco Ventra smoke vents not only serve as an effective fire protection measure but also contribute to creating a comfortable and healthy working environment for personnel in industrial facilities.

Advantages of ALUCO VENTRA vents

Louvre Smoke Vents


Louvre smoke vents are an effective means of rapidly removing smoke, hot air, and toxic gases from buildings. Their prompt opening facilitates the immediate evacuation of smoke, enabling swift and efficient rescue operations while minimizing damage to the building.


Louvre smoke vents serve to protect people and property in the event of a fire or other hazardous situations. Their quick and automatic operation reduces evacuation time, facilitating effective firefighting operations.

Cost Savings

Louvre smoke vents are relatively easy and cost-effective to install. They offer cost savings by eliminating the need for more complex smoke removal systems, which is especially beneficial for smaller buildings. Additionally, the maintenance costs for louvre smoke vents are low.

Adaptation to Requirements

Aluco Fire vents are available in various sizes and shapes, offering different technical specifications, allowing for customization based on the building's requirements. They can be installed on building walls or in sawtooth roof skylights, as needed.

ALUCO VENTRA Vent Installation Methods

Louvre Smoke Vents

Aluco Ventra louvre smoke vents can be installed both in walls and in sawtooth roof skylights, making it a flexible solution that can be adapted to the specifications of the building.

For tall buildings with a significant area, the optimal solution is to install the louvre vent on the roof in a sawtooth skylight. This configuration allows for the removal of smoke and hot air from the top, enhancing ventilation efficiency and reducing the risk of smoke accumulation.

In smaller buildings, it is more suitable to install louvre smoke vents on the wall of the building. This setup effectively removes smoke and hot air outside, while the vent’s location near the source of smoke and heat facilitates quicker smoke removal.

Automatic Smoke Vent Control


The automatic control of louvre smoke vents allows for their operation to be controlled using an electronic or industrial control system. In this scenario, the louvre vents open and close automatically, based on environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, or the presence of smoke.

The advantages of automatic control of louvre smoke vents are numerous. It enables a swift response to hazardous situations, such as fires, which can help protect lives and property. Additionally, automatic control of louvre vents leads to significant cost reduction in terms of premises ventilation, as it allows for precise air flow rate control based on the current environmental conditions.

When necessary, automatic louvre vent control systems can be fully integrated with alarm and safety systems, enabling a quick response in case of emergencies. There are also systems that allow for remote control of louvre vents, which is particularly useful for large facilities or situations where ventilation needs to be managed from a distance.

However, it is important to note that automatic control of louvre vents requires careful selection of sensors and professional installation and configuration of the system, which should be carried out by experienced specialists.

Natural Smoke Removal Systems


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