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This page contains downloadable materials for your device. Please select the categories of our offerings to download the relevant product catalog. If you need technical drawings, please use the form below to contact us.

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Smoke Removal


Thermal Modernisation

Technical Drawings

For architects and designers

We can provide technical drawings of our products for design purposes upon request. If you are an architect or designer and you need such a file, please contact us using the dedicated form. Leave your contact details and specify what you need. We will send you the selected materials and arrange all the relevant details if necessary.


    BIM models

    Building information modelling

    To facilitate design work, we are providing BIM models for our selected products. These models offer precise information about the geometry, dimensions, and technical specifications of the products, making it easier to incorporate them into the building permit design. It is a valuable tool that supports the design process and enhances the accuracy and quality of the design implementation.

    modele bim dla świetlików dachowych

    About BIM models

    BIM models for our products are saved in the RFA (Revit Family File) format. They can be opened and edited using the Autodesk Revit software. The models can also be accessed in the Autodesk Viewer. However, this requires prior conversion of the model from the RFA format to another format supported by the viewer, such as SAT.

    BIM models for roof skylights

    Aluco Skylight SL

    Arched roof skylight

    Pobierz BIM (english version)

    Aluco Skylight Therm

    Arched roof skylight with thermal insulation

    Pobierz BIM (english verion)

    BIM models for smoke vents

    Aluco Fire SL 1P

    Single-flap smoke exhaust vents for continuous roof skylights

    Download BIM

    Aluco Fire SL 2P

    Double-flap smoke exhaust vents for continuous roof skylights

    Download BIM

    Aluco Fire SP 1P

    Single-flap spot smoke exhaust vents

    Download BIM

    Aluco Fire SP 2P

    Double-flap spot smoke exhaust vents

    Download BIM

    BIM models for vents

    Aluco Skylight Air

    vent to be installed in continuous skylights

    Download BIM

    Case Study

    Analyzes of Completed Projects

    Our Case Study articles present in-depth analyzes of the most advanced projects from the Aluco System portfolio.


    Thermal modernization of a historic production hall

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