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ALUCO FIRE SP Roof Top Vents

Natural Smoke Removal Systems

Roof top smoke vents are components of the ventilation system that are used to remove smoke and hot air from the premises in case of fire. Their characteristic feature is that they are placed at specific points on the building roof, enabling selective and precise smoke extraction.

We manufacture and deliver roof top smoke vents for industrial buildings. The solutions we use in our smoke vents are of superior quality compared to what is available on the market.

That is why Aluco Fire SP smoke vents are installed in some of the most technologically advanced industrial facilities both in Poland and abroad.

Aluco Fire SP smoke vents have numerous advantages, with the most important ones being the quality of workmanship and excellent thermal insulation. The high dimensional flexibility and the large number of extra options make Aluco Fire SP one of the most comprehensive smoke removal systems available.


High aerodynamic coefficient


High-quality aluminum


Guarantee of constant performances at very low temperatures

Thermal Insulation

Very good thermal performance


Main Parameters

  • Profiles made of high-quality aluminum
  • Aerodynamic coefficient: up to 0.75
  • Pneumatic or electrical mechanism
  • Very good price-to-quality ratio
  • Availability of the daily ventilation function

Types Of Roof Top Vents

Aluco Fire SP

Aluco Fire SP roof top vents are classified into two types. The available versions include single-flap and double-flap roof top smoke vents.

Aluco Fire SP 1P


Aluco Fire SP 2P


Natural Smoke Removal Systems


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