Vents in continuous skylights

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Systemy Oddymiania Grawitacyjnego

Our smoke vents, which are dedicated to continuous skylights, are popular among the most demanding customers.

They are characterized by:

  • a high aerodynamic coefficient,
  • guarantee of unchanging operation parameters at very low temperatures,
  • very good thermal insulation,
  • top quality materials.

Thus, our roof top smoke removal vents are mounted on the most technologically advanced facilities.

klapy w pasmach

Types of vents in continuous skylights

ALUCO FIRE SL smoke vents

Smoke vents mounted on ALUCO continuous skylights allow for natural lighting of each place in a room.

They are especially useful in large rooms, where they are often the only option with which to introduce daylight. Smoke vents which are an integral part of a continuous skylight system are responsible for removing smoke, heat and toxic substances from the inside of the building emerging during fire or other combustion processes.

ALUCO FIRE SL smoke vents are made of high-quality aluminium profiles. Their spherical structure, together with AEROGEL panel, allows for light distribution throughout the entire facility.

The most important features:

  • aerodynamic coefficient: up to 0.75,
  • electrical or pneumatic mechanism,
  • can be equipped with aerogel panels,
  • checked in terms of operation under load – SL 1000,

ALUCO FIRE SL vents can additionally be equipped with electrical actuators for daily ventilation.

ALUCO PHOENIX smoke vents

ALUCO PHOENIX smoke vents can also be mounted in continuous skylights.

They are made of top quality elements:

  • high-quality aluminium,
  • hinges in cast aluminium and elements covered with teflon,
  • thermally insulated profiles (an option),
  • vent framing covered with additional aluminium increasing the lifetime of a vent (an option).

Advantages of continuous vents:

  • suitable for daily ventilation (full ventilation with the position of exhaust at an angle of 90 degrees),
  • stress tests with 10,000  operational processes confirm the strong construction and top quality of used materials,
  • checked in terms of operation under load – SL 1500,
  • quality of used materials,
  • high aerodynamic efficiency (Aa value),
  • very good heat transmission coefficient (U),
  • can be equipped with aerogel panels,
  • efficient drainage of rainwater through the main gutters,
  • all hinges are made of cast aluminium with elements covered with teflon,
  • free from silicones.
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