Barrel vault skylights Aluco Skylight THERM

Aluco Skylight Therm

Barrel vault skylights without thermal bridges

The highest quality, efficiency and innovation in barrel vault skylights.

The amendment of the provisions of the Regulation on technical conditions which should be met by buildings and their location has forced a change in design and material solutions that aim, among other things, at ensuring a better thermal insulation of buildings.

These changes will significantly contribute to the comfort of users, reduction of operating costs and reduction of pollution generated in the production of thermal energy. As a result, we have designed a modern ALUCO SKYLIGHT THERM system that meets the above-mentioned requirements.

Skylights are made from aluminium profiles with modern thermal breaks in order to eliminate thermal bridges, which with the use of appropriate polycarbonate panels, leads to a very low heat transmission coefficient for the whole barrier.

świetliki łukowe aluco skylight therm na dachu hali produkcyjnej

Advantages of Aluco Skylight Therm

  • very good thermal insulation value < 0.6 W/m2xK,
  • natural light – no light reflections when filling with translucent polycarbonate panels or AEROGEL.
  • low weight in comparison to glass skylights with similar thermal parameters,
  • aesthetics of workmanship,
  • fast and easy installation,
  • high level durability against snow load and wind suction (UL2500, SL2500),
  • skylight span from 1600 mm to 6500 mm.


  • facilities with higher thermal insulation requirements,
  • swimming pools (when using panels with AEROGEL, skylights are not prone to mould or fungi),
  • industrial halls,
  • sports halls,
  • public utility facilities.

Skylight infill

Skylights can be filled with standard polycarbonate cellular panels with a  thickness of from 16 mm up to 40 mm; however, due to the increased thermal insulation of the whole skylight, polycarbonate panels with AEROGEL infill are recommended.

świetliki łukowe aluco skylight therm

Heat transmission coefficient

The heat transmission coefficient of barrel vault skylights with a height of 10 m and with abase of 65 cm and the insulation of 10 cm + 2 cm of XPS.

Important! The U-value changes depending on the height and width of bases.

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