Polygon skylights Aluco Skylight TR THERM

Aluco Skylight TR THERM

Polygon skylights

Polygon skylights - Perfect solution for historical buildings.

The Aluco Skylight TR THERM polygon skylight system was created in response to architects’ issues regarding modernized buildings in which it is not possible to change the original architectural form due to their historical character, including polygon skylights, which were the only option in older industrial facilities or public utility facilities.

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The system is characterized by the optimal selection of aluminium profiles in economic and durability terms. It is designed in the THERM profile system (profiles with thermal insulation).

As a result of the evolution of the system, we received a Certificate of Conformity with the European standards in 2018.

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Advantages of Aluco Skylight TR THERM

  • natural and dispersed light – no light reflections when filling with translucent  polycarbonate panels or AEROGEL,
  • aesthetics of workmanship,
  • fast and easy installation,
  • high level of durability against snow load and wind suction, ALUCO SKYLIGHT TR – UL1500, DL2500,
  • skylight span from 1000 mm to 4000 mm when using the supporting steel structure up to 14 m,
  • possibility of the installation of ventilation flaps, Broof t1 class,
  • low price in comparison with glass skylights.


  • modernized industrial halls where the maintenance of the shape of old skylights is required,
  • sports halls,
  • public utility facilities,
  • shopping malls,
  • marketplaces,
  • stadium roofing,
  • marketplace, car park, shed roofing etc.

Skylight infill

Aluco Skylight TR HERM skylight infill can be made from solid wood and standard polycarbonate cellular panels with a thickness of from 10 mm up to 50 mm and with solid sheets using a break made from polyester panel with the thickness of 1.1 mm. Our skylights are classified as Broof t1.

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