Aero Sun Glazing System

Aero Sun Glazing System

aerogel windows and façades

AERO SUN is a windows and façades system insulated with Lumira® aerogel.

Let there be daylight

The presence of daylight improves workplace environment, making it both natural and friendly. This positive effect is partly based on psychology. Surveys have shown that people feel better and that their productivity increases when they have access to daylight. In addition, daylight helps save energy as it can replace artificial lighting in many areas.

Thus, ALUCO skylight systems are highly valued in modern architecture. For many years, property owners, planners and architects have chosen the high quality standards of our skylight systems and the multiple benefits they offer for both new buildings and roof renovation.

The systems are mounted on roof bases and can be perfectly combined with other elements from our offer. Together with the solutions of natural smoke and heat extraction, they constitute an excellent system of natural ventilation and cost-free natural lighting, and are also used to remove smoke and heat in the event of a fire.

And when there is too much sun...

lumira aerogel

Three years ago, ALUCO SYSTEM started using aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels in the manufactured skylights in order to optimize the access of light and its perfect diffusion in rooms.

Lumira aerogel by Cabot Corporation is the lightest solid material in the world – it is 95% air. Filling polycarbonate panels with aerogel results in excellent thermal insulation and light diffusion. It is an excellent material in solutions aimed at minimal heat transmission.

Aerożel comes in a form of small semi transparent granules. It is an amorphous form of silica, whose structures inside the pores are calculated in nanometres.

Regular Glass

Sunlight, which falls straight through windows and façades onto the floor,emits large amounts of heat inside rooms instead of illuminating the interior evenly. As a result, rooms are overheated, with glaring light, which causes discomfort for people inside.


ALUCO SYSTEM has taken up the challenge of harnessing sunlight by designing the AERO SUN window and façade system. The combination of glass sets or polycarbonate panels filled with aerogel, or polycarbonate panels with aerogel, offers the perfect effect of light diffusion and minimizes the effect of room overheating.


perfect translucent glazing


For years, designers have been trying to find the perfect balance between introducing natural light into the interior and its proper diffusion.  AERO SUN is an ideal light diffuser with an excellent LDP diffusion factor. The light is distributed in all directions and, as a result, we obtain the effect of comfortable lighting with a full spectrum.

Perfect light diffusion

For many users, a particularly important aspect is the huge light scattering property. Daylight that penetrates the Lumira® aerogel filling the panels spreads evenly throughout the building. As a result, glare and direct sunlight are avoided, thereby increasing illumination conditions and the comfort of rooms. This effect is clearly visible in the two photos below, which show a production hall before and after the application of Lumira® aerogel to the skylights. Working in all parts of the place has become much more enjoyable and productive.

Regular Glass


Outstanding parameters of thermal insulation

AERO SUN roof and façade elements with aerogel filling make it possible to use natural light better with minimal heat loss, which creates a huge potential for architectural freedom. Building standards are easy to achieve and even better results can be achieved without having to forgo natural light.

Types of AERO SUN glass sets

  • Single-chamber frosted glass with aerogel
  • Single chamber colourless glass with aerogel
  • Double-chamber frosted glass (the warmest we can make) with aerogel
  • Double-chamber colourless glass (the warmest we can make) with aerogel
  • Single-chamber frosted glass with a polycarbonate insert
  • Single-chamber colourless glass with a polycarbonate insert

Single-chamber glass with aerogel

Double-chamber glass with aerogel

AERO SUN glass has different finishing options, including attractive overprints

Parameters of AERO SUN glass sets with Lumira aerogel

The table below shows tests for single- and double-chamber glass sets filled with Aerogel Lumira.

Advantages of AERO SUN glazing with Lumira aerogel

Discover numerous advantages of aerogel insulated AERO SUN glazing system

Reduction of solar transmission – Sun shade blinds are becoming redundant due to a significantly reduced heat impact during the summer. There are savings in investment and maintenance costs, and the design of buildings or the appearance of façades does not need to be changed.

Chemically and UV stable – Even after many years of use, there are no changes in the chemical and physical properties of Lumira® aerogel.

Permanently hydrophobic – Lumira® aerogel is permanently resistant to moisture. Therefore, it is not susceptible to the development of mould or fungi. It is attractive in particular for the food industry.

and smokeless – 
Bs 1.0 classification according to EN 13501-1

Low weight – 70 – 100 kg/m3: when Lumira® aerogel is used in multi-wall panels, the wind load on the panels does not have to be statically calculated due to the low weight of Lumira® aerogel.

Environmentally friendly
and ecological – 
Less energy is needed for heating, air conditioning or lighting. It results in significant savings in building maintenance costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Aluminium Joinery

full compatibility

AERO SUN glass sets can be mounted in all aluminium joinery systems

AERO SUN Brochure

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Warsaw swimming pool

Lumira aerogel is hydrophobic. It has permanent resistance to moisture, so it is not susceptible to the development of mould or fungi. This is a special advantage in facilities with high humidity, such as swimming pools. The perfect light diffusion effect does not dazzle swimmers and helps them achieve outstanding results.

EUROPOL S.A. bakery

The interior of the industrial bakery of Europol S.A., Aluco Skylight roof skylights with aerogel provide
a large amount of diffused daylight.

FCA Poland

The photo shows one of the production halls of the FCA POLAND group. The building has ALUCO SKYLIGHT SL skylights filled with Lumira aerogel. The interior of the building is intensely and evenly illuminated with natural daylight.

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